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Inground Swimming Pool Filters

Inground Pool Filters

Our Inground Pool Filters offer the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring your pool water is clear and clean. We carry most of the inground swimming pool filters. Choose from our wide selection of Sand, DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and Cartridge filters.
Proper swimming pool and spa filtration have obvious reasons. Clear water not only looks beautiful, but is necessary for health and safety reasons. Much of the material suspended in the water is derived from plant and animal sources. This provides food for bacteria and algae. These are the materials that must be removed by the pool or spa filter to maintain a safe and sanitary condition in your pool or spa.


Above Ground Swimming Pool Filters

Above Ground Pool Filters

Top quality above ground pool filter systems (filter and pump) for your above ground pool.
The right swimming pool filtration system provides not only clean, clear beautiful water, but is necessary for health and safety reasons. Material suspended in the water is derived from plant and animal sources which provide food for bacteria and algae. These are the materials that must be removed by the pool filter to maintain a safe and sanitary condition in your swimming pool.


Pool Filter Parts

Pool Filter Parts

We carry parts for all major brand of swimming pool filters including manufacturer like hayward pool products, pentair pool products, waterway plastics, astral. If cannot find the pool filter parts you looking for email us or call us toll free at 877.891.7665


Commercial Swimming Pool Filters

Commercial Swimming Pool Filters

Whether you are designing a spectacular dream pool for someone's home or building a large, exterior water environment, use our large pool filters for any sizeable water construction you can envision. These filters are for commercial or high-end residential swimming pools.


Filter Accessories

Filter Accessories

Swimming pool filter accessories.


The pool professionals at Amerimerc welcome your phone calls to help you select the filter best for your application

Swimming pool and Spa filters come in many different shapes and sizes The 3 common pool filter types are Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters. Any one of these pool filters will keep your swimming pool clear provided they are correctly sized and properly maintained and your swimming pool (Spa) pump is sized correctly for your filter. Pool filters are sized according the the surface area of the filter surface and flow rate.
There are three popular methods of filtration – Sand, Cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E).
Sand Pool Filter
The surface area of a sand filter is determined by the diameter of the tank. A small 16" Diameter filter has 1.4 sq ft surface area and is rated at 35 GPM whereas a 30" Diameter Tank has 4.91 sq ft surface area and is rated at 98 GPM. Sand filters relay on higher flow rates per sq ft of surface area that other types. Sand filters are generally the easiest to operate but their size in diameter is greater than either cartridge or DE.. They use a multiport filter valve that is easily moved from filter mode to backwash mode. These valves are either attached at the top of the filter (Top Mount) or connected to the side of the filter. Top mount filters are generally lower priced than the same size side mount filter. Sand filters filter to 20 microns generally. Most commercial pools use sand filters which can come in very large sizes.
Cartridge Pool Filter
Cartridge filters are able to obtain large surface areas in relation to their size because of the many pleated folds in the filter fabric. They use standard or antimicrobial fabrics. Filter cartridges filter your swimming pool water to as low as 10 to 15 microns. Cartridge filters cannot be backwashed with a valve. The cartridge must be removed from the filter and the dirt physically washed. This can be accomplished with a hose spray or there are several hose adapters for cartridge filter cleaning. Sometimes it is helpful to soak the cartridge is soapy water prior the washing. Most Spas use cartridge filters. We maintain a large inventory of replacement cartridges for nearly every pool or spa filter.
DE Pool Filter
DE swimming pool filters are the most efficient in that they can filter to as low as 2 to 5 microns. Due to this efficiency they collect more "dirt" than sand or cartridge filters. Like all filters their filter pressure rises as debris is collected and flow rate decreases. A pump capable of maintaining high flo as pressure increases is recommended. We suggest either a Whisperflo from Pentair or Tristar from Hayward or either companies variable speed pumps, Intelliflo from Pentair or EcoStar from Hayward There are 2 types of DE filters, one which can be fitted with a multiport valve for backwashing and smaller filters which can easily be opened for cleaning. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) consists of tiny diatoms which are mined. It comes in a very fine powder which coats cloth covered grids when introduced into the filter, usually through the pool skimmer. When the DE filter is backwashed or its grids washed new DE powder must be re introduced into the filter.
The timing for backwashing or cleaning for all swimming pool filters is dependent upon increased pressure and decreased flow rate. Dirt and debris from the pool water is collected on the surface of the filter media, being sand, fabric, or DE grid. As a filter gets "dirtier" the filter pressure increases and the rate of flow from the pump decreases. Clean filters decrease energy loss. There is no set pressure to determine the time to clean or backwash as the pressure is dependent upon several variables including pump size and efficiency, filter size, plumbing and any other restriction.

We offer all of the above types of filters for both in-ground and above ground pools from brand name companies Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite and Waterway. Most are shipped directly from our own warehouse for quick delivery to our customers. We also stock replacement filter cartridges and replacement DE filter grids.


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