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ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

The Americans with Disabilites Act requires public accomodations to provide goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of general public. The goal is to afford every individual the opportunity to benefit from our country's businesses and services, and to afford our businesses and services the opportunity to benefit from their patronage. In our case, the goal is to provide access to every swimming pool, so that people with disabilities will have a greater opportunity to enjoy the benefits of water-based activities.

ADA Law - Pool Lift
  • Who Must Comply With ADA Law?
  • Tax Incentives for Pool Lifts
  • ADA Accessibility Laws
  • Selecting a Swimming Pool Lift
  • Understanding the Safe Harbor Provision
  • California Builder's Code (CBC) vs. the ADA
  • Understanding the Pool Lift Clear Deck Space Requirement
  • Enhancing Aquatic Accessibility
  • Maintenance of Accessible Features
  • Means of Access for Swimming Pools
  • Pool Lifts for Physical Therapy Programs
    Commercial Pool Filters Commercial Pool Pumps Commercial Diving Boards, Stands and Towers
    Commercial Pool Filters
    Whether you are designing a spectacular dream pool for someone's home or building a large, exterior water environment, use our large pool filters for any sizeable water construction you can envision. These filters are for commercial or high-end residential swimming pools.
    Commercial Pool Pumps
    Whether you are designing a spectacular dream pool for someone's home or building a large, exterior water environment, Pentair's large pool system program has the products for any sizeable water construction you can envision. Pentair is the supplier for commercial or high-end residential pumps.
    Diving Boards, Stands & Towers
    SR Smith Commercial Diving Boards, Stands and Towers. Precision-engineered diving boards have made SR Smith the leader in diving boards for over 70 years. From solid-laminated, acrylic boards, to the best heavy-duty aluminum boards, SR Smith gives you the best high-performance, durable diving boards available.
    Commercial Pool Lifts Commercial Pool Heaters Commercial Pool Slides
    Commercial Pool Lifts
    Hydraulic Pool Lifts allow you to let all clients have equal access to all the therapy as well as the enjoyment that a swimming pool brings. A Hydraulic pool lift will enable the safe transfer for people with disabilities and will provide expanded use in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.
    Commercial Pool Heaters
    Pool Heater provides peak efficiency and easy maintenance in both indoor and outdoor application. They are designed for commercial, institutional and large residential pools where economical performance and rapid heat-up are required.
    Commercial Pool Slides
    How do you add enjoyment and exhilaration to your pool? Install a swimming pool slide!! We carry a great selection of fast, exciting, and safe water slides for your commercial pool. We have several options with several colors, tailored to fit your financial and decorative needs.
    Commercial Pool Ladders, Hand Rails and Stanchions Commercial Starting Blocks Lifeguard Chairs
    Ladders, Hand Rails & Stanchions
    SR Smith creates strong, high-quality rails and ladders that have proven to meet the needs of any commercial pool facility. SR Smith offers dozens of ladders and rails in standard configurations and they can create any custom rail you need-even powder-coated in colors to match facility decor.
    Starting Blocks
    SR Smith innovative starting platform designs incorporate the features that make swimmers succeed while meeting the architectural needs of any aquatic facility. From recreational use to Olympic training, SR Smith has the Starting Blocks you need.
    Lifeguard Chairs
    Using state-of-the-art integrated technology, SR Smith creates superior lifeguard chairs for commercial pools that stand the test of time. Portable or permanent, SR Smith has the lifeguard chair to fit your specific needs.
    Commercial Pool Games and Water Sports Commercial Salt Chlorine Generators Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaners
    Pool Games & Water Sports
    It's the ultimate thrill and excitement of taking an opponent one-on-one with the basketball game, Or even playing a team sport like volleyball, SR Smith has equipment and the deck accessories that make the pool more fun for your swimming pool facility users.
    Salt Chlorine Generator
    Salt water Chlorine Generator is the easy, effective and convenient way use common table salt to produce chlorine - safely, effectively, and automatically. Same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need to buy, transport and store expensive messy chlorine compounds. No odor, stinging eyes, irritated skin or bleached swimsuits.
    Commercial Pool Cleaners
    A commercial automatic pool cleaner can really help cut pool maintenance chores down to size. We offer a line of commercial automatic cleaners to help you keep your pool sparkling clean with a minimum of effort. Pools are meant for fun not work. So stop spending hours manually vacuuming your pool and invest in an automatic pool cleaners to do the work for you!
    Commercial Pool Showers Commercial Safety Vacuum Release System Swimming Pool Chemical Controllers
    Pool Showers
    Pool shower with commercial use in mind. These pool showers have outstanding design, high quality components and built for lasting beauty. They will compliment any well designed residential or commercial pool settings.
    Safety Vacuum Release System
    Safety Vacuum Release Systems provide an important layer of protection against suction entrapment. Swimmer can get stuck to a drain or suction outlet in a swimming pool, spa, wading pool, hot tubs or other commercial applications and the force of the suction can be tremendous. It is now required by law to provide safety measures against these hazards with Release Systems and Drain covers.
    Chemical Controllers
    Operating a swimming pool, spa, or water feature without an automated controller is like operating your home heating system without a thermostat. Constantly turning your furnace on and off manually is unthinkable, just like manually trying adjusting your swimming pool and spa chemistry. Unsafe water conditions, chloramine formation, excessive organic loading are some common occurrences. A chemical controller will maintain efficiency so you can save time, effort and money.
    The ability to offer commercial swimming pool equipment to the public requires a high level of knowledge and expertise in pool and spa filtration, water chemistry, facility safety, and heating and air circulation. Our friendly sales team undergoes ongoing training and enjoys CPO (certified commercial pool operator) Certification to stay on the cutting edge of new products and trends in the commercial pool and spa market. The age which we live in is such an exciting time to experience the advances in efficiency and automation of swimming pool equipment. With our close relationships with major manufacturers in the industry, we provide energy and time saving solutions for facilities and operators around the world.

    We offer high quality commercial swimming pool pumps, high rate vertical or horizontal sand filters, UV sanitation systems, commercial salt water chlorination, chemical controllers, commercial automation, commercial gas-fired pool heaters, safety vacuum release systems and accessories, variable speed pump motor drives, diving towers and lifeguard stands, automatic pool cleaners, ADA compliant pool lifts, and much more. Whether replacing existing equipment or designing and engineering a new project, rest assured you can turn to us for competent advice and competitively priced quality commercial pool products.



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