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Wall Mounted Swimming Pool Shower

Wall Mounted Pool Shower

The PM series Wall /Post Mount cold water shower is designed for water supply connections at the flooring surface. Available with ADA compliant metered push valve or Standard cross habdle valve or pull chain valve.


Hot & Cold Water Free Standing Swimming Pool Shower

Free Standing Pool Shower

These are top of the line free standing outdoor shower fixtures. The Durable 2" diameter stainless steel base makes these shower units virtually bullet proof. Ideal for public facilities. Installs on concrete, wood, or any stable outdoor surface. Available with ADA compliant metered push valve or Standard cross habdle valve or pull chain valve. You can never go wrong with a pool shower made by The Pool Shower.


Hot & Cold Water Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool Shower

Hot & Cold Pool Shower

This is a top-of-the-line wall-mounted swimming pool shower. It has the ability to allow for hot and cold water input. It also has a Deluxe version where you can add different convenient options. You can never go wrong with a pool shower made by The Pool Shower.


Designer Series Pool Shower

Designer Series Showers

Pool showers are great; but why not install a shower with a touch of beauty and design. The Designer Series Pool showers are elegant and beautiful. Add a touch of class to the functionality of your Pool Shower.


Free Standing Foot Shower

Free Standing Foot Shower

The Foot Shower offers you the convenience of washing your feet before you make a mess in your house. Whether you live on the beach, or any where there is mud and dirt, this product will help you in keeping your house clean and dirt-free.


Pool Shower Accessories

Pool Shower Accessories

The Pool Shower is made from top quality 304 stainless steel that is resilient to all environments. It is versatile in design with an ADA compliant slow closing push valve, or on/off cross handle valve, making it adaptable to residential or commercial pool settings. It is also available with a foot shower or a drinking fountain. These beautiful outdoor stainless steel pool showers and fountains have been designed for both commercial and residential use. They are great for use as beach showers, pool showers, and for other types of permanent outdoor shower and water fountain needs.

There is a national health issue with many documented cases of bacterial infections at public pools and water parks throughout the world. A product such as "The Pool Shower" is a much needed item for pool areas in order to keep our loved ones safe. Besides washing away bacteria, one can also remove lotions, lint, dirt, sand, or other debris which helps keep pool water and hot tubs cleaner and easier to maintain.

Our pool showers have been installed indoors in facilities such as fitness centers, scuba diving schools, public pool shower stalls, indoor pools, and YMCA's. One of the newest fads for homes is an outside shower enclosure. These are not only used for rinsing off salt or chlorine water, but also for outdoor bathing.

We now manufacture shower units with hot and cold valves. Also, our single valve units can be installed with a compact water heater or mixing valve which has hot and cold water lines that mix within the valve to produce warm water. This allows one to have water at a desired temperature and provides the option of having the water at a constant temperature and reduce the risk of scalding.

We can customize a shower by adding or removing accessories as needed, or changing the features such as the style of the shower head. We do custom build showers, and have designed models with additional shower heads, spray hoses, and various features when requested. Connections are standard ˝" NPT, making them compliant with other plumbing accessories. One can also add or remove accessories to our shower units.



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