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As low as $99.95

Del Ozone CDS-16 Spa Ozone Generator

DEL CDS-16 Pool Ozone Generator

The Del Ozone CDS-16 Spa Ozonator is more compact than the Spa Eclipse™, making it the smallest spa ozone generator on the market today. This model contains the same CD chip as the Spa Eclipse™, making it suitable for hot tubs up to 500 gallons.

Manufacturer : Del Ozone

As low as $118.95

Del Ozone MCD-50 Spa Ozone Generator

DEL MCD-50 Pool Ozone Generator

The Del Ozone MCD-50 is suitable for hot tubs up to 1000 gallons. The MCD-50 high output ozonator uses innovative corona discharge electrode technology to produce high ozone concentration levels.

Manufacturer : Del Ozone

As low as $300.95

Pool Ozone Generator - PZ4 Ozonator

PZ4 Pool Ozone Generator

The PZ4 has a dual-cavity, rugged anodized aluminum, line-grounded case that stands vertically. It can be attached to the pack or mounted on the wall. Under certain conditions it can even be set on the ground. Installation kits with Prozone's standard bypass kit or specialized kits for cartridge filters or above ground pool packs.

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $735.95

Pool Ozonators PZ7-2HO For Inground

PZ7 Pool Ozone Generator

The PZ7 privde a universal ozone system for pools up to 40,000 gals (152,000 liters). Housed in an anodized aluminum case, the system features two hybrid arc tubes to generate ozone, a universal power supply (operates on 120 and 240 vac), and a universal bypass installation kit (good for 1-1/2 in a 2 in returns).

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $127.95

PZ3-X Spa Ozonator - Water Ozone Generator

PZ3-X Pool Ozone Generator

A complete ozone generator cartridge for portable spas or custom applications, the PZ3-X Ozonator has set the reliability standard for the industry. The system is engineered for ozone-ready spas and can stand alone to replace any existing spa ozonator.

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $450.95

PZ5 Ozonator

PZ5 Pool Ozone Generator

The PZ5 Series features an ozone generator cartridge and an internal, custom-built mini compressor for spas and custom applications.

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $1,663.95

PZ2-4V Ozonator - Pool Ozone Systems

PZ2-4V Pool Ozone Generator

The PZ2-4V is designed for large or heavily used residential pools or commercial pools to 100,000 gal (379,000 liters) in a venturi installation and includes our universal solid state ballast (120 and 240 VAC), four ozone gnerating arc tubes, and our bypass installation kit.

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $1,150.95

PZ2-1&2 Series

PZ2-1&2 SERIES Pool Ozone Generator

The PZ2-1 and PZ2-2 systems inject ozone into the water under almost any hydraulic condition including pools with in-floor cleaners. The systems are designed for large residential pools, commercial pools and spas. These systems have veen tested by Underwriter's Laboratories to NSF Standard 50 for pools and spas and are UL Listed and Classified for residential and commercial applicaitons

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $2,153.95

PZ2 Commercial Series Prozone Ozonator

PZ2 COMMERCIAL SERIES Pool Ozone Generator

PZ2 Series for pools up to 400,000 gal (1.5 million liters) are compressor drive ozone systems which can inject ozone under almost any hydraulic condition including pools with in-floor cleaners. The systems are built with commercial grade compressors, solid state power supplies, our advanced hybrid ozone generator and buffling to ensure quiet operation

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.

As low as $297.95

Del Clear Ozonator - Swimming Pool Ozone Generator

DEL CLEAR OZONATOR Pool Ozone Generator

Del Clear Ozonator lets you enjoy minimum maintenance and a reduction in chlorine usage in an affordable, compact system made especially for above-ground pools. DEL Ozone systems are completely automatic and maintenance free. Ozone in your water is simply the best water quality you can have for your above-ground pool.

Manufacturer : Del Industries Inc.

As low as $344.95

The Twister Air Purification

THE TWISTER Pool Ozone Generator

The Twister is the only air purification device for individual use to harness the force-multiplying power of advanced oxidation

Manufacturer : Prozone Water Products Intl.
Experience Pool Water Purity you can see and Feel. The Ozonator Reduces the need for chemicals up to 90% and Eliminates chlorine and bromine odor. It eliminates skin and eye irritations and hair damage; Prolongs the life of filtration equipment; and Substantially reduces maintenance time and cost. Best of all, the Ozonator Destroys all bacteria, viruses, algae and organisms instantly.


This technology is often confused with Vacuum Ultra Violet Ozone Generator systems. They are in fact two very different technologies. Both technologies use lamps that operate in the UV light spectrum. Germicidal lamps produce output nearer the upper end of the UV-C spectrum at 253.7 nanometers. Ozone generating lamps operate just below the UV-C spectrum at the 185 nanometer range.

Germicidal UV lamps are used in water treatment and in air treatment such as HVAC air intake ducts, and in smoke lounges, etc.

For purposes of this discussion, we will discuss water applications only.

Germicidal UV is used in many water purification systems such as ponds, swimming pools, water treatment plants, home drinking water systems.

The application consists of placing a Germicidal UV lamp in a clear housing. This housing is then directly installed into the water flow plumbing. Water and many contaminants contained in the water are exposed to the glow from the lamp. Many manufacturers of this technology state a microorganism kill rate of 91% with some as high as 99% of the organisms actually exposed to the glow.

There are several issues with this technology. One is initial cost, another is ongoing maintenance and lamp replacement costs, and another is clarity of water being purified.

Initial product cost and installation cost is greater than other technologies.

Lamp replacement is another issue. Manufacturers state the lamp life requires the lamps to be replaced as often as every six months. Some allow ten to eleven months. While the lamp cost is one concern, the actual process of replacement cost is another as it is invasive to the plumbing.

Depending upon water clarity, not all contaminants will be exposed to the actual glow. This is due to light blockage from other contaminants, so kill rates will be lower. Remember, only contaminants visible to the lamp glow are affected.

One issue that exists is the accumulation of debris or chemicals on the surface of the lamp cartridge hindering exposure to the glow. This requires a periodic cleaning to obtain the full benefit of the system. Some manufacturers have addressed this by installing an actual wiper that transverses the light column automatically, which is additional initial and ongoing cost, and may not totally correct this issue.


Ozone technology for swimming pools has been in regular use for over 50 years in places like France, Germany and other European nations as they realize the consequences of chlorine gas.

Ozone has also been in use in Europe since the 1890’s for drinking water purification. Some large cities in the United States such as Los Angeles and Milwaukee now boast the best drinking water in America since they began using Ozone as a purification method. It is difficult to find bottled water that has does not use Ozone as a purification method.

Ozone, although a disinfectant or sanitizer and oxidizer, it is normally referred to as the primary oxidizer and alternative sanitizer when referring to its use in swimming pools in the United States.

Ozone destroys viruses and bacteria such as e-coli and legionaries, and others.

Ozone is over one thousand times faster acting than chlorine at oxidizing and destroying bather load in a swimming pool. This drastically reduces chlorine requirements.

The advantages of using ozone in a swimming are many. To name a few:

  • Decreased chemical usage—significant savings considering the cost of chlorine
  • Better water clarity
  • Reduction or total elimination of chloramines
  • Reduction or total elimination of odors-particularly valuable in indoor pool environments
  • Smoother water feel
  • No red itching eyes normally caused by chloramines
  • Very effective at destroying viruses and organisms
  • pH neutral

Ozone is a gas which consists of three oxygen atoms and is referred to as O3. Ozone has a very short life cycle and must be produced on site at the pool location. Ozone is created by a process where O2 Molecules are divided into two 01 atoms. Oxygen diatom or O1 does not exist alone naturally. What occurs after the splitting of the O2 molecule is the newly created O1 immediately loosely bond to available O2’s forming O3 molecules.

The loosely bonded O1 departs the O3 and attaches to any organic which results in oxidation of the organic (basically very rapidly disrupts the DNA/RNA structures). The O2 is released as O2 and the contaminate that was oxidized by the O1 is destroyed.

Ozone gas is introduced into water by means of either a venturi injector creating a vacuum to suck ozone gas into the water or with direct injection or diffusers by pushing the air into the water with an air pump. The Ozone gas mixes with the water. The best saturation of Ozone in water is obtained when many fine bubbles of Ozone is introduced which provide more total surface area of Ozone contact.

There are basically two ways that Ozone is produced by man or by nature. One is known as Corona Discharge (CD) and the other is passing air across special Vacuum Ultra Violet lamps. (VUV) often times referred to as UV Ozone or Very Ultra Violet Ozone.

Manufacturers of each of these technologies say the other technology uses more electricity. In reality they are pretty equal. In some applications VUV lamps use less and others Corona uses less, but in any event, not by much and not an issue. Neither uses much electricity.

Another statement by manufacturers is ease of maintenance between the two technologies. This is also subjective and used by who is selling what. Corona manufacturers require replacing check valves and hoses annually, and to wear protective gloves when doing so. Corona cell components also need periodic maintenance. VUV Lamp Ozone manufacturers state their lamps run between 9,000 and 20,000 hours, so they may need replacing depending upon pool filtration run time every several to seven or so years.

Both Vacuum Ultra Violet lamp Ozone systems and Corona Discharge systems are available for use in commercial swimming pools ranging to the millions of gallons.

Extremely large Corona Discharge systems are used for large metropolitan municipal water treatment systems.

Although this discussion is dealing with swimming pools, there are many applications for both Ozone technologies such as, but not limited to, water cooling towers, laundry systems, drinking water, wells and cisterns, wastewater treatment, aquariums, fruits and vegetables, meats, odors, medical, ice machines, many more.

The two technologies, CD and VUV, are briefly discussed below.

Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Generators

Corona discharge is a high electrical energy field such as lightning in natural occurrences, and by man using two highly energized metal or ceramic plates or chambers with a narrow gap in which air flows through. The arcing of this high electrical energy called the corona field alters the electron structure of all elements in the air passing through the chamber.

When man made corona discharge ozone generator systems are fed pure oxygen input and also very dry air passed through an air drier, they produce high quantities of Ozone. When manufacturers of Corona Discharge Ozone systems provide Ozone output production graphs, they sometimes use pure oxygen and very low humidity or dry air in testing. At a minimum, they often use drier air than normally found in many areas of the United States.

In reality, Oxygen concentrators and air dryers are price prohibitive for the backyard pool so ambient air only is passed through the cell. Pure Oxygen does not exist in ambient air, and in some areas of the country, humidity is very high. Commercial CD systems that can afford the cost, and do provide Oxygen concentrators require additional maintenance such as cleaning concentrator filters, and life cycle issues. They also require Ozone monitoring safety devices.

(Ambient air: A colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous mixture, mainly nitrogen (approximately 78 percent) and oxygen (approximately 21 percent) with lesser amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, and other gases.
b. This mixture with varying amounts of moisture and particulate matter, enveloping the earth; the atmosphere.)

Corona Discharge systems provided with ambient air input to the chamber such as backyard pools have certain issues that arise. Below are two primary issues.

One issue is the high Nitrogen content of ambient air. As mentioned previously, all elements passing through a Corona chamber are altered. Nitrogen is the primary substance in air, and altering its state creates harmful byproducts such as nitric acid (nitric acid: A clear, colorless to yellow liquid that is very corrosive and can dissolve most metals. It is used to make fertilizers, explosives, dyes, and rocket fuels) and Nitric oxide (nitric oxide n. A colorless, poisonous gas), along with other Nitrous byproducts. To top it off, Nitrates. Nitrates are Algae food.

Another issue is Humidity. Ever wonder why it is that when you reach for something or someone in the winter time where the air is dry and you are zapped by a bolt of static electricity? Ever wonder why in the summer time, or when outdoors this does not occur? These answers are simple—Ambient Air Humidity. If humidity affects electrical conductivity in ambient air, could it not directly relate to the electrical field in a Corona Discharge cell hindering output?

In review: Corona Discharge systems that are supplied pure Oxygen and dry air produce high levels of pure Ozone. Corona Discharge units that are provided only ambient air, such as backyard pool applications, create Nitrogen byproducts and may experience diminished outputs with increased humidity.



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