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Swimming Pool Accessiblity Equipment

The Ranger™ Lift is an economical ADA compliant lift that upholds Aqua Creek’s standards for durability and reliability. The Ranger™ Lift features a 300 lb (136 kg) lifting capacity, while maintaining a sleek low profile design similar to our popular Pro Pool™ Lift. The Ranger™ is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel pools, also a great economical choice for backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence. Now independently verified by Wyle Labs to meet ADA standards. The Ranger™ Lift comes standard with a two year warranty. Anchor system is sold separately.

Ranger Lifts - Pool Accessibility Equipment


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  • Independent 3rd Party Verified to meet ADA Standards
  • 300 lbs (136 kg) lifting capacity
  • Set back range 4 to 14 in.
  • Powercoated stainless steel construction
  • Durable white powder coat finish
  • Concrete anchor system (anchor sold separately)
  • Rechargeable battery operation including charger
  • Submergible 2 button remote
  • Dual flip arms and adjustable footrest
  • 2 year warranty
  • ADA Guidelines
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ADA Compliant
WYLE Lab Certified

CE Complaint
Certified for Sale in Europe

ADA Compliant
Americans with Disabilities Act — ADA complaint

ADA Laws Effective March 15, 2011!
Mandatory Compliance By March 15, 2012.

Frequently Asked ADA Questions

Q: Does my pool need a pool lift?
A: Any commercial pool under 300 feet must have a sloped entry or pool lift. Any commercial pool 300 linear feet or more need two forms of access, one of which must be a pool lift or sloped entry.

Q: What is a commercial pool?
A: Any pool that falls under Title II of the ADA, (Public entities, such as Municipal Pools), or Title III of the ADA, (Places of public accommodation, such as a hotel or fitness center pool).

Q: Does my spa, wave action pool, leisure river, wading pool or sand bottom pool need a pool lift?
A: Yes. They all need one access point. A wading pool must have a sloped entry. A spa must have a pool lift, transfer wall or transfer system.

Q: I have multiple pools do they all need a access point?
A: If your pools serve different purposes such as a lap pool, spa and a leisure pool then each requires a form of access. If they are in close proximity a Revolution™ Lift may be able to serve multiple bodies of water. The Patriot Portable™ Lift might also be a good solution for multiple bodies of water.

Q: How do I know if my pool lift is ADA compliant?
A: Some basic items to check your lift include:

  1. Lifting capacity of at least 300 lbs
  2. A footrest must accompany the seat into the water (exception: for spas)
    -A rigid seat is advised but not required
  3. A manually cranked or manually rotated lift is NOT ADA compliant.
    -In order to be ADA compliant the patron must be able to operate the lift without assistance.
    -Already have a 6 inch anchor installed? Check out The Scout Lift™ as a possible solution




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