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ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

The Americans with Disabilites Act requires public accomodations to provide goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of general public. The goal is to afford every individual the opportunity to benefit from our country's businesses and services, and to afford our businesses and services the opportunity to benefit from their patronage. In our case, the goal is to provide access to every swimming pool, so that people with disabilities will have a greater opportunity to enjoy the benefits of water-based activities. READ MORE ABOUT THE ADA LAW AND POOL LIFTS


As low as $3,901.95

i-Lift with Upgrades

I LIFT Pool Lifts

The i-Lift battery powered Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pool lift is the most economical & efficient solution to ADA compliance. Designed for in deck installation of in-ground pools/spas for all commercial and public pools, from large scale aquatic facilities including schools & university's, to fitness and recreational sports clubs, hotels/motels and more.

Manufacturer : Inter-Fab Inc.

As low as $6,499.00

PAL Lift - Portable Aquatic Lift

PAL LIFT Pool Lifts

The ADA-compliant PAL is a completely portable aquatic lift, requiring no mounting to the pool deck. It contains over 700 pounds of counter weight to support a lifting capacity of 300 pounds. Since its introduction in 1997, the PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift) has become the industry standard for portable swimming pool access. The completely portable PAL is the perfect for any aquatic facility.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $5,229.00

Splash Pool Lift


The ADA-compliant Splash! Lift is a semi-portable aquatic lift, that requires a square deck anchor. It supports a lifting capacity of 400 pounds (Extended Reach model is 300 pounds). The Splash! is perfect for facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their swimming pool.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $3,199.00

MultiLift Pool Lift


The multiLift™ is SR Smith's most versatile pool lift yet, with the option provides flexibility to remove the lift for poolside events or mounting means less to think about deck. The multiLift™ is also the first pool lift to come standard with our new LiftOperator™ Intelligent Control System. As with all S.R. Smith pool lifts, the multiLift is third party verified to be ADA-Compliant.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $3,552.25

aXs Pool Lift

AXS LIFT Pool Lifts

The ADA-compliant aXs is a semi-portable aquatic lift, requiring a stainless steel anchor. It supports a lifting capacity of 300 pounds. The aXs is perfect for residential and small hotel use. This unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be operated by the user via a waterproof hand control.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $5,395.00

Patriot Lift - Portable Pool Lift from Aqua Creek Products


The Patriot Portable™ Lift is Aqua Creek Products newest portable lift and is independent 3rd party verified to meet ADA standards. This new design boasts transfers from wheelchairs. It is the perfect solution for facilities that want to be ADA compliant without installing an anchor.

Manufacturer : Aqua Creek Products

As low as $3,995.00

Pro Pool Lift


The Pro Pool Lift™ is the first ever aquatic lift to be independently certified ADA compliant and safe for commercial use by Wyle Labs! The unique design of this lift minimizes the amount of required deck space needed to install and it also does not require the lift to rotate or extend into the water unless being used. The lift features all stainless steel construction with a protective white Epoxy powder coat finish.

Manufacturer : Aqua Creek Products

As low as $3,395.00

Ranger Lifts - Pool Accessibility Equipment


The Ranger™ Lift is an economical ADA compliant lift that upholds Aqua Creek’s standards for durability and reliability. It's an ideal solution for use on smaller hotel and motel pools as well as for backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence.

Manufacturer : Aqua Creek Products

As low as $3,995.00

Scout Lift - Pool Lift from Aqua Creek Products


Independently verified to be ADA Compliant, The Scout™ is designed to be used in retro-fit applications. It emilinates the need for anchor installation by utilizing almost any existing 6" deep socket style anchor. If you already have an EZ Pool™ Lift, manual lift or stachion anchor, The Scout™ Pool Lift may be dropped into your existing anchor. Also available with adapter sleeves to accommodate larger diameters and deeper anchors.

Manufacturer : Aqua Creek Products

As low as $5,595.00

Revolution Lift


Revolution Lift is Aqua Creek’s most innovative and versatile lift designed for use on BOTH in ground and above ground pools and spas! This lift can be adapted to most pools and also accommodate heavier patrons!

Manufacturer : Aqua Creek Products

As low as $634.20

Lift Operator Intelligent Control


The LiftOperator Intelligent Control is the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $2,748.95

Mobile Aquatic Chair - Pool Wheel Chair


MAC Swimming Pool Wheel Chair has beautifully powder coated stainless steel frame to resist corrosion, rotomolded rigid plastic seat.

Manufacturer : S.R. Smith

As low as $55.95

Commercial Swimming Pool Lift Accessories

POOL LIFT ACCESSORIES Commercial Deck Equipments

A complete line of commercial and residential swimming pool lift accessories such as bateries, vests, covers, actuators, controls, seats and caddies. All accessories offered by S.R. Smith for their pool lifts.

Manufacturer : Inter-Fab Inc.
From a basic pool lift for a backyard pool or something that allows multiple points of access for public pools, we have a complete line of battery-powered, ADA-compliant pool lifts. Hydraulic Pool Lifts allow you to let all clients have equal access to all the therapy as well as the enjoyment that a swimming pool brings. A Hydraulic pool lift will enable the safe transfer of people with disabilities and will provide expanded use in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. We carry an entire line of Swimming Pool Lifts that are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry at the best prices on the web.
On July 26, 2010, the US Department of Justice released updated ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Among the updates for a number of facility types were new requirements specifically for public swimming pools. The level of accessibility depends on the size and type of the pool. For pools under 300 linear feet in size, the ADA Standard for Accessible Design calls for one means of access, which must be either an ADA-compliant lift, or a sloped entry. Pools with greater than 300 linear feet of pool wall must also have a second means of access. This second means can either be another lift or ramp, or it can also be a transfer wall, a transfer system or pool stairs.


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