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As low as $143.95


ASTROLITE Inground Pool Light Standard

Available in a choice of attractive face rim models, from an injection-molded patterned design, made of rugged, non-corrosive glass-filled polypropylene; to a smooth, machine-polished stainless steel design, AstroLite Series light fixtures come standard in a wide range of voltages, wattages, and cord lengths to satisfy virtually any installation. Combined with Hayward's niches, no other pool lighting system provides such value.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $459.95

ColorLogic 2.5

COLORLOGIC 2.5 Inground Pool Light Standard

Forget about lighting, as you know it. Now there's ColorLogic LED lighting from Hayward, the global leader in LED technology for the pool industry. ColorLogic's patented Chromacore® technology combined with a microprocessor and the brightest and longest performing LEDs in the industry to deliver high intensity and an unmatched selection of colors.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $567.95

Color Logic 4.0 Swimming Pool Lights

COLORLOGIC 4.0 Inground Pool Light Standard

ColorLogic® 4.0 turns water into a thrilling display of choregraphed light and color. It offers up to 101 colors and 11 progammable and custom light shows when intregrated with Pro Logic PS controls. Eash show adjust for color, speed, motion and brightness. ColorLogic 4.0 requires 79% less energy than incandescent lighting and they have a longer life, reducing replacement costs.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $204.95

IntelliBrite White LED

INTELLIBRITE WHITE LED Inground Pool Light Standard

IntelliBrite® White LED offers a brighter, more efficient alternative to incandescent white lighting. Utilizing its array of 32 LEDs, it is also ideal for commercial applications.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $418.95

IntelliBrite Pool Light

INTELLIBRITE COLOR LED Inground Pool Light Standard

An Eco Select™ Choice: LED (Light Emitting Diode) automated color-changing pool and spa lights are the most energy-efficient pool and spa lighting option available. Plus, they can last 30,000 hours or more, minimizing replacement cost and disposal.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $89.95

Floating Super Light Swimming Pool and Landscape Light


The Ultimate Multi-Use Leisure light lamp that floats in your pool. This multi-function floating lamp will not damage your pool sides and walls as it is surrounded on the outside by a pool friendly rubber bumper.

Manufacturer : Ocean Blue Water Products

As low as $152.95

Color Splash Multi-Color LED Light

COLOR SPLASH Inground Pool Light Standard

Color Splash Replacement Multi-Color LED In-Ground Pool & Spa Lights by ColorGlo™ offer seven solid colors, multiple color blends and five light shows that can instantly transform the consumer's pool and spa area into a color-rich paradise.

Manufacturer : J & J Electroncis

As low as $166.95

Color Splash 3G

COLOR SPLASH 3G Inground Pool Light Standard

Color Splash 3G High output Pool and Spa LED lights with an optical diffuser have 7 solid colors, multiple color blends and 5 shows to enhance the pool lighting experience

Manufacturer : J & J Electroncis

As low as $176.95

Swimming pool Light - Pentair AquaLight®

AQUALIGHT Inground Pool Light Standard

Underwater Halogen Lighting with Compact Halogen quartz lights for after-dark brilliance.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $202.95


AMERLIGHT Inground Pool Light Standard

Underwater incandescent lighting, considered by many to be the world standard in swimming pool lights.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $161.95

SpaBrite™ - Inground Swimming Light from Pentair

SPABRITE Inground Pool Light Standard

Compact lighting with big performance SPABRITE is a compact incandescent unit especially designed to provide big lighting performance for smaller pools and spas

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $383.95

Spectrum AquaLight (SAL)

SAL Inground Pool Light Standard

Automated Spa Lighting, Automated Color Pool & Spa Lighting, Automated color in compact package.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products
Our pool lighting products can enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your nighttime pool environment. We offer a variety of innovative lights and lighting systems designed to bring a new level of underwater and poolside brilliance to both new and existing pools.


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