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As low as $249.99

Doheny Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

DOHENY IG CARTRIDGE Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

The In-ground Filtration Tanks from Doheny's are made of extra durable, glass-reinforced, corrosion-resistant co-polymer material that meets the demands of even the toughest applications.

Manufacturer : Doheny

As low as $779.99

Hayward Cartridge Pool Filters - SwimClear Filter

SWIMCLEAR FILTER Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

Utilizing a cluster of four reusable cartridge elements, Hayward SwimClear filters offer a choice of 225, 325, 425 or 525 square feet of heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity for extra-long filter cycles, up to an entire season without cleaning. SwimClear filters will provide years of trouble-free operation and crystal clear, sparkling water.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $250.95

Hayward Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters - Star-Clear Plus Filter

STAR-CLEAR PLUS FILTER Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

Star-Clear Plus filters from Hayward® deliver quality, value and convenience in cartridge filtration. From precision engineering to its PermaGlass XL™ body, Star-Clear Plus filters work harder, achieving maximum water flow and superior filtration with minimal maintenance necessary.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $86.95

Hayward Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters - Star-Clear

STAR-CLEAR FILTER Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes. For replacement or new pool installations, Star-Clear sets the standard of excellence and value.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $227.95

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter from Waterway - Clearwater

CLEARWATER CARTRIDGE Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

ClearWater Cartridge Filters incorporate wide-body filtration elements to give maximum filtration without sacrificing flow rate.

Manufacturer : Waterway Plastics

As low as $793.95

Waterway Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter - Crystalwater

CRYSTALWATER CARTRIDGE Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

Crystal Water Cartridge Filter is ideal for new and replacement installations. The only cartridge filter on the market with 2 1/2 inch internal piping, improves flow and reduces system noise when using 2 1/2 inch 2 inch or 1 1/2 inch plumbing.

Manufacturer : Waterway Plastics

As low as $221.95

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter from Pentair - Clean & Clear

CLEAN & CLEAR Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

The CLEAN & CLEAR Filter features a thermoplastic chemical resistant tank with no-tool servicing and a coreless cartridge for easier cleaning. All models are equipped with easy spin-on unions for plumbing hook-ups.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $594.95

Pentair Cartridge Pool Filter - Clean & Clear Plus

CLEAN & CLEAR PLUS Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

CLEAN & CLEAR systems feature cleanable, recyclable filter cartridges for the ultimate in carefree pool filtration.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $935.95

System 3 SM Series

SYSTEM 3 SM SERIES Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

The System...3® Mod Media™ filters from Sta-Rite® handle 2-3 times more dirt than other filters to deliver maintenance free performance for up to a full season. Featuring perfectly balanced flow and an integral manifold design, these filters. are engineered to deliver the ultimate in labor savings.

Manufacturer : STA RITE Pool Products

As low as $426.95

System 2 PLM Series

SYSTEM 2 PLM Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

Sta-Rite's modular media filtration is the perfect match for the small inground and aboveground pool markets. Advances in media technology and balanced flow design provide dirt-loading capabilities up to 15 times greater than sand filters of equivalent size.

Manufacturer : STA RITE Pool Products
Looking for top-end filter performance with the lowest maintenance? Look at a cartridge filter. This long proven design uses special filter elements to strip particles from pool water with great effectiveness...particles as small as 10-25 microns in size (particles smaller than 40 microns cannot be seen by the human eye). Maintenance? Open the top. Remove the cartridge. Hose it off. That's it.


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