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Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Covers

Above Ground Winter Cover

When its time to close the pool, you want to do it right. A winter cover will keep debris out of your pool water and help prohibit the growth of algae. Our covers are made specifically for above ground swimming pools. These winter covers are made to last and we offer models for every budget. Choose from different levels of strength: The Deluxe, Supreme, Deluxe Plus, Supreme Plus, Ultimate and Ultimate Plus.


Above Ground Pool Leaf Nets

Above Ground Leaf Net

Tired of removing those heavy, smelly, decaying leaves from your pool cover each spring? A leaf net is the answer! Simply lay the Leaf Net on top of your winter cover before the leaves fall, and remove it in November before the hard freeze. The Leaf Net’s fine mesh traps most leaves when they fall on your pool. You just need to remember to remove the net from your pool before the snow falls. Dispose of the leaves and debris and spring clean-up is that much easier! Our cover is made from durable polyethylene and carries a 4-Year Warranty. If you live in an area with a lot of leaves, try the Leaf Net!


Above Ground Mesh Covers

Above Ground Mesh Cover

Our rugged mesh winter cover makes spring clean-up a snap. The secret to this unique cover is the tightly woven scrim that allows only water and very fine silt to pass through. What that translates to is that melted snow and rain pass through into the pool, eliminating the need for a cover pump. (Please note that if you get a lot of rain your pool water level could rise and submerge a portion of the cover). When its time to open up the pool, simply use your garden hose and a telepole outfitted with a brush to remove the debris accumualted on top of the cover, lift off the mesh winter cover, vacuum the fine silt and open as normal. Try a mesh cover this year!


Above Ground Cover Care Pumps

Above Ground Pool Cover Pump

Cover-Care pumps are specifically designed to make spring and fall pool maintenance chores fast and easy. These energy-efficient products pump melted snow and accumulated water off your pool cover. We now feature above ground cover pumps with automatic water level sensing technology. Cover pumps help take some of the strain off of your winter cover from water weight and help deter mosquitoes from breeding in the spring.


Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Cover Accessories

Above Ground Winter Cover Accessories

Got your cover? Now you need to hold it down? Check out our cover accessories; anything you need for your cover: Cover Clips, Cover Seals, Air Pillows, Wall bags, cover cables, drains and much much more.

Winter covers for above ground pools provide the protection your pool needs during the cooler winter weather. Offering protection from wind, rain, snow, leafs and other debris, the right winter cover for pools can help to extend the life of your pool by protecting it each year from the elements. Doheny’s offers a large selection of high quality winter covers, including solid winter covers for pools, budget-friendly economy pool covers and mesh covers that speed up snow melt while keeping out dirt and debris.


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