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Venturi Driven Prozone Ozone Generator for Small In-Ground Pools or Above Ground Pools up to 15,000 Gallons

The PZ4 has a dual-cavity, rugged anodized aluminum, line-grounded case that stands vertically. It can be attached to the pack or mounted on the wall. Under certain conditions it can even be set on the ground. Air is supplied to the unit through filtering slots on the bottom to prevent insects from getting inside the unit. The electrical system is completely insulated internally in a separate sealed housing, and the ballast is mounted high above the base. In the event water inadvertently enters the ozone chamber, it simply runs past a completely insulated arc assembly and out through the slotted input filter.
The PZ4 is easy to install with either a bypass or in-line venturi mixer to provide maximum ozone absorption. The PZ4 ozone system for above-ground pools is designed for quick turnkey installation. The in-line injection system installs with simple connections — no cutting or drilling. Its rugged construction meets the requirements for in-ground and above-ground installations. The PZ4 is weatherproof and features an air filter/dryer under the system. The clear gasketing glows when the system is on. The PZ4 system is rated for pools up to 15,000 gallons. It is Underwriter's Laboratories Classified. The PZ4 has a two year hardware warranty on all parts.

Pool Ozone Generator - PZ4 Ozonator


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  • Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube harnesses the high ozone concentrations of Corona Discharge generators while maintaining the simplicity of VUV technology.
  • Solid state power supply
  • Easily retrofittable to exisiting installations
  • Retail boxing available
  • Rugged, functional housing: heavy extruded aluminum case for durability; translucent gasketing glows when system is on
  • Offers simple turnkey installtion and features dual electrical hookups for safe, easy electrical connections.
  • Low cost, low maintenance operation
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Please specify what plug you need or this will ship with the only the cord
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Operating Temperature: +25º F. to +140º F.
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs. (220/240 system: 11 lbs.)
Size: 10"x 7" x 6"  
Case Construction: Polymer Coated/Anodized Aluminum Extrusion 
Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube
Prozone Universal Solid State Ballast (120 Vac or 230/240 VAC, 50/60 hz)
Electrical : .4 amps
Dual Nema Plug or 3 Wire Pigtail
Universal Saddle Clamp (1 1/2  or 2 in) or specialized
Kits for catridge filters and above ground pool packs
What is Corona Hybrid Technology
Prozone's patented Corona Hybrid Ozone systems combine VUV and Corona discharge technologies. Hybrid systems provide higher concentration ozone generation without the corrosive by-product of traditional corona discharge machines. The result is a new technology that produces reliable output while taking advantage of VUV inherent simplicity, ruggedness and pure ozone production.



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