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As low as $67.95

Portable Heavy Duty Timer


This Portable Outdoor Timer are specially designed to control the filter pump of a portable pool or spa, but it can also be used to turn ON and OFF (in off-season) outdoor decoration, engine block heaters and other appliances, indoors or outdoors.

Manufacturer : Intermatic Inc.

As low as $73.95

Pump Timer With Stand - Nema Reg. Cord

PUMP TIMER Automatic Pool Spa Timers

The Waterway Clearwater Pump Timer with Stand provides control over Water Clearwater Filter Systems and comes with 4 on/off settings.

Manufacturer : Waterway Plastics

As low as $92.95

Single Circuit Swimming Pool

SINGLE CIRCUIT Automatic Pool Spa Timers

These heavy duty Mechanical Time Switches are designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications and have the highest motor load ratings in the industry. They provide up to 12 ON-OFF operations each day with minimum ON-OFF time of 1 hour. All models are equipped with "ON" and "OFF" trippers and they are available in either plastic or metal in either plastic or metal indoor - outdoor enclosure

Manufacturer : Intermatic Inc.

As low as $165.95

Two Circuit Swimming

TWO CIRCUIT Automatic Pool Spa Timers

These time Switches provide coordinated control for heater and filter pump operations. This 2 circuit switch is designed to turn off a gas fired swimming pool heater approximately 20 minutes before the filter pump shuts down. Eliminates the problem of pounding and knocking due to overheated water, reduces scale and lime deposits and extends the service life of the heater.

Manufacturer : Intermatic Inc.

As low as $196.95

IntelliTouch Spa-Side Remote Controls

SPA SIDE Automatic Control Accessories

IntelliTouch Spa-Side Remote Controls

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $241.95

Multi Circuit Clock

MULTI CIRCUIT CLOCK Automatic Pool Spa Timers

Designed as part of the I-Wave system and for aftermarket and retro-fit applications, the P1353ME can be installed into almost any Intermatic enclosure and has the ability to program up to three circuits. Choose between six pre-programmed modes of operation, which include single speed pump or 2-speed pump/ cleaner pump combinations.

Manufacturer : Intermatic Inc.

As low as $263.95

Easy Touch

EASYTOUCH Automatic Pool Spa Control Systems

The new EasyTouch® family offers a new level of control for homeowner's looking for an affordable, easy to use pool/spa control system. EasyTouch® allows full control of all pool/spa features including advanced features such as colored lighting and IntelliChlor™ chlorine generator support.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $495.95

VAC-ALERT - Safety Vacuum Release Systems

VAC-ALERT Safety Vacuum Release System

Vac-Alert provides an important layer or protection to suction entrapment with Vac-Alert VA-2000 safety vacuum release system. When a swimmer becomes stuck to a drain or suction outlet in a swimming pool, spa, wading pool, or hot tub, the force ofthe filtration system can be tremendous. This suction entrapment will hold the bather in its grip until either the vacuum is broken, or he or she drowns, defying the rescue efforts of onlookers.

Manufacturer : VacAlert LLC

As low as $676.95

Personality Kits

PERSONAL KITS Automatic Pool Spa Control Systems

There are six Personality Kit models available for various pool and spa combinations. Each Personality Kit provides complete pool and spa controls that are fully programmable with temperature control and display.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $973.95

Goldline Pro Logic

PRO LOGIC Automatic Pool Spa Control Systems

Goldline Pro Logic makes managing pool and spa functions as simple as possible. Automatically or with the push of a button, pool owners can control everything from water flow for sanitation, to underwater lights, water features and heaters, and now we can automate water chemistry with our new integrated Total Pool Chemistry™ option.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $1,194.95

Aqua Plus - Hayward Pool Control with Salt Chlorinator

AQUA PLUS Automatic Pool Spa Control Systems

Aqua Plus simplifies and enhances pool and spa ownership by combining automation and salt chlorination. This all-in-one solution is easy to install and operate with many options to choose from like chemistry automation, remote control and more. Automate essential pool and spa functions for maximum efficiency as well as other backyard features.

Manufacturer : Hayward Pool Products

As low as $1,686.95

PDA Color Screen

PDA COLOR TOUCH Automatic Control Accessories

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $2,888.95


INTELLITOUCH SYSTEM Automatic Pool Spa Control Systems

IntelliTouch offers two choices in Enclosure Options: Load Center and Power Center.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

As low as $3,733.95

Wireless Tablet Color Touch Screen

WIRELESS TABLET Automatic Control Accessories

IntelliTouch automation offers superior control systems from small to the most ambitious pool and spa designs including water features and spectacular lighting effects. IntelliTouch automation systems offer innnovative technology and a wide range of wirelesss and wired control panels that are easy to program with simple menus to enable pool owners to create and change programs without complication.

Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products
Timers and Controllers are a great way to quickly and effectively keep your swimming pool clean and schedule maintenance. New advances in technology helps you enjoy the comforts of your pool and spa with handheld wireless remote systems for very reasonable prices. Just simply program your timer for the cycle you desire, then relax! We offer all the leading timers and controls used in the swimming pool industry and we are bringing them to you at best prices on the web.


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